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Book Review: Dying for a Drink Book Review: Dying for a Drink
September 13, 2010

Dying for a Drink
By Anderson Spickard Jr., MD and Barbara R. Thompson
Published in 2005 by Thomas Nelson

Alcoholism is a devastating illness – for the individual, and their families and friends. Loved ones often suffer silently while the alcoholic continues on their destructive path.

Author Anderson Spickard provides a thorough analysis of alcohol addiction and recovery in the book, Dying for a Drink. Spickard begins by dissecting the warning signs, the biological effects, and the effect of alcohol addiction on the addict’s relationship with themself and others. Describing the problems of alcohol addiction in detail, he presents the reader with a clear understanding of the disease and its unique problems. He is careful to address the specific issues related to alcoholism, such us fetal alcohol syndrome, binge drinking, and the struggles that children of alcoholics experience.

Dying for a Drink provides practical, realistic ideas based on Spickard’s extensive medical career. Spickard argues that anyone is at risk – while genetics and social factors may play a role, no one is immune to this disease. Dying for a Drink verifies and debunks the various myths surrounding alcohol addiction, providing factual, concrete answers on heavily debated topics. They describe in detail what alcoholics think and say about their addiction, providing friends and family members with a better understanding of how their loved one views themselves.

Filled with tangible guidelines, this book is helpful for people struggling with addiction and those trying to help them. Spickard provides an excellent description and guidelines for an intervention and describes how to deal with the various reactions an alcoholic may have. Dying for a Drink addresses the common concerns and reservations people have about treatment options and the most effective strategies of recovery.

Alcohol addiction is often secret and difficult for an outsider to detect. For families and friends close to the alcoholic, life can be a constant series of painful situations. Dying for a Drink removes the veil around this disease. Anyone with a loved one struggling with an alcohol addiction would find Dying for a Drink highly informative and helpful in providing a clearer understanding of the disease and treatment options. For those struggling with alcohol addiction, this book could prove insightful and motivating to pursue recovery effectively. For pastors, counselors, or anyone interested in developing a recovery ministry, this book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to effectively support and ministry to individuals and families affected by alcoholism. If you know someone with an addiction or have one yourself, Dying for Drink will prove to be a helpful resource.

Rachel Thompson is the Managing Editor of

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