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  A Ministry of ServiceA Ministry of Service
Q&A: Rev. Deborah Patterson, Executive Director of the International Parish Nursing Resource Center, talks about how parish nursing can transform your congregation and community.
  The Role of the Faith Community Nurse in Facilitation of Volunteers
Cynthia D. Steele on the richness of human potential in congregations.
  Parish Nurses Connect Faith, Spirituality, and Health
When nurse Linda Olley discovered she had a chronic illness in 1985, much of her life changed -- including leaving her career in hospital management.
  Parish nursing heals ‘body, mind, spirit’ in local congregations
The church is the perfect place to integrate community and health care needs.
Around the Web
  Church Health Center Serves as New Home to IPNRC
The International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC) moved from the Deaconess Foundation in St. Louis to the Church Health Center (CHC) in Memphis.
  Parish Nurse Appointed to Bishops' National Advisory Council
From Grand Island Independent. Parish Nurse Renee Miller has been appointed to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' National Advisory Council.
  Faith-community nurses support those in need
From Chicago Tribune. Parish nurses attend to the needs of congregants and lending a sympathetic ear.
  Parish nurses are advocates through faith
From New association forms in Holland, Mich.
  Hospital, churches team up to bridge physical and spiritual health
From Lodi, Cal. newspaper. The program supplements the typical medical duties by doctors and nurses in their offices and at Lodi Memorial Hospital.
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  Recommended ReadingRecommended Reading
Book reviews and recommendations from notable people
  Walking & RunningWalking & Running
Programs and reflections on walking and running
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  Clergy HealthClergy Health
Encouragement for pastors and the congregations who support them
Resources on pregnancy, infertility, family life, miscarriage and more
Conversations and resources about addiction and recovery

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