Change a life through miracle of sight!

Just $39 will restore the sight of a loving caregiver like Violet.

miracles so far!

Let’s make 5,000 miracles of sight happen!

Too many people are living in darkness.

50 percent

of world blindness is caused by cataracts

20 mil

people are blind because of cataracts

50 percent

of household income is often lost when a caregiver loses their sight

Hope and healing is possible—through you!

10 mil

million cataract operations have been performed by Hope and Healing and our partners since 1966

12 minutes

is all it takes to restore someone’s sight

39 dollars

can give a caregiver back his or her sight

child with cataract

How does a cataract blind?

Cataracts causes hardship for people already struggling to survive. The cataract clouds the eye’s lens, blocking light. Most cataracts are brought on by aging, although sometimes children may be born with them as well. Cataracts can also be the result of injury, inflammation or disease.

sight restore

Cataracts can be healed

All it takes is 10-12 minutes of surgery to restore sight! A surgeon makes a tiny cut in the cornea and removes the clouded lens. He or she then replaces it with a small artificial lens. Most of the time, the patient doesn’t even need stitches and recovers quickly. Only a local anesthesia is needed.

Last year, Hope and Healing International provided ability-restoring services to 36 million people in the world’s poorest countries.

We’re inspired by Jesus and committed to doing God’s work with the help of faithful friends like you. Here’s how your donations are used:

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Violet’s journey of hope and healing

Violet has always been a caregiver. First for her brothers and sisters, then her own children, and then her grandchildren. Her grandchildren depended on her for everything. But when she started to lose her sight because of cataracts, she had to depend on them.

“It got so bad I couldn’t look after the animals, do chores around the house or collect water from the well. I became very down. I didn’t like being dependent on everyone else. Worst of all, I couldn’t see my grandchildren’s faces.”

Praise God that someone like you paid for her to have surgery at a Hope and Healing – supported hospital.

Violet waits nervously for the results of her surgery

“Violet waits nervously for the results of her surgery”

Violet can’t contain her joy. She can see again!

Violet can’t contain her joy. She can see again!

Oh my, oh my! I can see, I can see! Praise God, thank you people, thank you everyone. I can see! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for Hope and Healing International and all your friends who have made this possible for a very happy old woman. May God bless those who have given my sight back.


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