Start a child on a journey of hope, healing and learning.

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Help a child know the dignity of going to school … and the hope that it can bring.

Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.

- Matthew 18:4-5 ESV

Watch Justine’s incredible story of transformation.

There are children who abuse me and laugh at me.

- Justine, a Ugandan girl who had to walk on her knees

For a child with a disability who’s not in school, life is a vicious cycle: no school, no job, fewer options, deeper poverty.

The barriers to education are enormous:

Many parents buy into the lie that a child with disabilities isn’t worth educating.

Schools are too far from home for many kids with mobility issues.

Even if they can get there, buildings are rarely accessible.

There are no special devices to help vision-impaired kids see the blackboard.

There are no hearing aids to help them hear the teacher.

They face stigma, isolation
and exclusion.

Not forgotten.

Watch these journeys of hope, healing and learning — and see how your compassion transforms children’s lives.

Denis’ Story

“I was told so many times from other people the boy would never walk again … The people were wrong.” — Roy, whose brother Denis has experienced a complete transformation.

Laxmi’s Story

“This is what the artificial limb has given Laxmi: the ability to walk upright and along with her friends. She does not have to lag behind anyone any more.”  – CBM partner in Nepal.

Vincent’s Story

“I just like to play.” — Vincent, the orphaned boy who can see again thanks to cataract surgery and a brand-new pair of glasses.

Did you know?

graphic of 1 in 10 children

Only 1 in 10 kids with disabilities goes to school

image of 1 in 10 children

Just 1 in 20 finishes primary school

Graphic of 8 in 10 children

In the poorest communities, 8 of 10 children die before they reach their fifth birthday — that’s four times as many as kids without a disability

A journey of hope, healing and learning.

Your gift of $30 will help provide things like:

Diagnosis, referral, surgery, rehabilitation

Building ramps for schools

Covering the cost of crutches and wheelchairs

Empowering teachers to do their job

Give children a chance to look to the future with hope.

Please give what you can today to share a journey of hope, healing and learning with a child.

No child should be forgotten. Tell your friends and family how they can start a child on a journey of hope, healing and learning.

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