Imagine her future without legs or medical care

Now imagine what a miracle could do.

Medrine needs your help to be able to walk to school

That fateful day back in February started out like any other for Medrine.

The friendly 5 year-old girl woke up in the 4-room house she shared with her mother, Oliver, and grandmother, Annet. A home made of bricks, sand and cow dung. A house that was almost empty – their only possessions being a bench, a bicycle and a bag of maize grains.

Medrine’s father had left before she was born so Oliver and Annet are subsistence farmers – meaning they’re only able to grow enough to feed their small family – not even enough to sell somewhere.

Her day seemed normal. The healthy little girl went to the makeshift bathroom made of tree stumps, shrubs and a brown cloth. Then she fetched water from the well.

Oliver made her some tea. Medrine wouldn’t be served any breakfast because her family could only afford one meal a day…and that would be lunch. Sweet potatoes or cassava would be prepared over an open fire and any leftovers would be eaten at dinner.

When Medrine finished her tea, Oliver lovingly sent her only child off to school – just like she normally did.

But this wasn’t a normal day. On the way to school something horrible happened that could spiral the family into even deeper poverty…

Medrine was struck by a speeding truck. Both of her legs were seriously injured. Annet rushed her to the nearest hospital, but the doctors said they couldn’t help her very much. So she was referred to a larger hospital. There the doctors amputated both her legs, one below the knee and the other above the knee.

In one tragic accident, Medrine lost her chance for an education and a future
Prosthetic legs are out of reach for Medrine’s poor family.
Medirne sitting looking out of the doorway of her home
In one tragic accident, Medrine lost her chance for an education and a future.

Medrine’s life has never been the same since. Without a wheelchair, crutches or prosthetics, she crawls everywhere.

Oliver said, “There are games that Medrine used to play, such as hide and seek. But this is just a memory…”

Most of the children in their small village care about Medrine, but there are a few who call her a cripple. Whenever they do, Medrine cries.

Annet said, “I ask God why on earth he decided that my granddaughter, a young and innocent girl, is the one to undergo such pain.”

Now, Oliver carries Medrine on her back to school. This mother knows that if Medrine is unable to get an education…she would wind up being even poorer.

Thankfully, the teachers are receptive and compassionate. They carry her to the latrine when she needs to go. They also spend extra time with her.

At noon, Oliver leaves her work as a farmer to return to school to pick up Medrine.

Last December, Annet and Oliver returned to the hospital to see if they could get artificial limbs for Medrine. They were told the prosthetics would cost about C$132…completely unaffordable for them!

Annet said, “I pray for my granddaughter to get help from a good-hearted person so she can get artificial limbs. I want her to be able to walk again. She needs to become independent.”

Will you be that good-hearted person?

Medrine will always be dependent on others … unless someone like you helps her.


Kids in classroom with their hands up

How many children with disabilities will get a chance to go to school in developing countries?

150 million children are struggling to survive poverty and disability

1 of 5 children born with a disability die before their 5th birthday in the world’s poorest countries

Children born with disabilities are 4 times more likely to die than children without disabilities

Of those who survive, only 1 in 10 children with disabilities will get a chance to go to school.

For those who do go to school, only 1 in 20 will complete primary education.

Hope and healing is possible—through you!


children received an education last year


children received ability-restoring surgeries


children received assistive devices

How you can help children like Medrine

When children like Medrine suffer trauma, swift action must be taken to prevent permanent, irreversible disability. But work also must be done with families and communities to create a healing environment for their children.

Step 1: We build relationships with parents, caregivers and community leaders on an ongoing basis, educating them on health issues and dispelling the myth that disabilities are a curse.

Step 2: We bring the child to a Hope and Healing International-supported hospital or rehabilitation centre, where he or she receives medical and social assessment, nutritional support, X-rays and more.

Step 3: The child receives ability-restoring treatment, which can include surgery, casts or braces.

Step 4: Rehabilitation takes place for 2-3 weeks at a rehabilitation centre or hostel. Then further X-rays are ordered and casts (if used) come off!

Step 5: Our staff visit the child at his or her home to ensure healing is progressing.

Amanya’s life changed ... forever!

When Amanya was born, his mom didn’t think he would survive—let alone go to school. A rare cleft condition deformed his mouth, cheeks and eyes. But thanks to a kind person like you, he was able to have free surgery at a Hope and Healing–supported hospital, changing his life forever.

Amanya’s condition was so bad, he could barely eat
Amanya’s condition was so bad, he could barely eat.
Now Amanya can go to school and build a better future for himself—thanks to kind friends like you.
Now Amanya can go to school and build a better future for himself—thanks to kind friends like you.

Last year, Hope and Healing International provided ability-restoring services to 37.9 million people in the world’s poorest countries.

We’re inspired by Jesus and committed to doing God’s work with the help of faithful friends like you.