Will you help us care for lost and forgotten kids?

Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.

Luke 15:6 (ESV)

It takes a Team of “Shepherds”

Together with Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, we’re looking for 120 hidden and overlooked children with chronic clubfeet and setting them on the road to hope and healing.

Step 1

Find children over 3 years of age living with clubfeet, who don’t qualify for the government program.

Step 2

Educate the family about their child’s God-given value and potential.

Step 3

Heavily subsidize the medical treatment these children need – transportation, surgery, casting, braces, physiotherapy.

Step 4

Give these kids the school support they need to make friends, learn and thrive – money for school fees and supplies, as well as teacher disability and inclusive education training.

I seek to provide care to all who need it, as a way of expressing the love of Christ and as a means of witness in order that they might be brought to God through Jesus Christ.

Jacques Chirac, Coordinator of Services for Persons with Disabilities at Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services