Communities are STRONGER… when they include all their children

Justine’s Story

Give to create loving communities around kids like Justine.

James’ Story

Give now, because disability is not inability.

Healing bodies, hearts, communities



Preventing and curing disabling impairments through medical care. Giving assistive devices like wheelchairs and prosthetics and hearing aids. Strengthening bodies with exercises and providing encouragement to whole families… making children healthier – body and soul.



Giving children access to learning – sometimes at home and as often as possible at the local school. It’s about making kids as able and mobile as they can be. And it’s about teaching teachers how to welcome these children in, and accommodate for their special needs



Giving moms and dads access to jobs, especially home-based jobs where they can care for their children. Making whole families healthier and more stable. Giving them hope for a much brighter future.

2017 Priority Needs

Hope and Healing International is funding 3 community programs in 2017. Each one serves between 2,000 to 3,000 kids and families each year. Their top priority needs are basic but essential, if we’re going to reach more children still waiting for care.

Tanzania Map

Kilimanjaro Community-Based Rehabilitation
Moshi, Tanzania

2017 local staff costs


Wheelchair local production & transport


Posture support devices


Standing support frames


Uganda Map

CoRSU Community-Based Rehabilitation
Kampala, Uganda

2017 local staff costs


Transport costs for 425 children to hospital


Accommodation and nursing for 425 children who need referrals to hospital


Malawi Map

MACOHA Community-Based Rehabilitation
Salima, Malawi

2017 local staff costs


Vocational training for 128 adults & youths


13 replacement bicycles for community staff


Transport & hospital stay for eye patients


Motorcycle costs for community supervisors








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