Hundreds of families in Southern Malawi lost their homes in Cyclone Idai. These are the poorest families who had the weakest homes. The poorest families are most often the very families struggling to care for children with impairments. Disability and poverty go hand in hand.

We have the opportunity to come alongside families like Bettina’s (not her real name). To work alongside them to build strong homes. To give them the training and equipment to sustain their households. To give them the means to shelter and feed their children.

We’ve already proven that our 3-way partnership – Hope and Healing + Habitat for Humanity + Homes4Hope – can make an amazing difference in the lives of families in Ethiopia and in central Malawi.

Bettina standing with her young children on what used to be her tiny 2-room home. She and her husband have no money to re-build. Bettina has albinism, which makes her more vulnerable to skin damage from the hot African sun and to the brutal dangers of their human predators who believe her body parts have supernatural healing properties.


Muhajiri and his mom are just one family of 102 who have received homes, livelihood support and rehabilitation through our partnership that multiples every gift TIMES 3.

Today Muhajiri is beaming with pride, upright in his hand-powered tricycle instead of crawling in the dirt. His mother has planted a garden in front of their new home and is in the process of setting up a small fish cake business.

“The new home means I’m no longer concerned about safety. When the rains came, they leaked into the house. I was concerned about Muhajiri’s safety and health. Now, I’m not worried anymore. Even when I leave, I don’t worry about Muhajiri’s safety.” – Zione, Muhajiri’s mom

Now we’re taking this proven model south to meet the urgent needs of families devastated by Cyclone Idai. Please join us. Your gift will have 3 TIMES the impact for these desperate families.