Change someone’s life through the miracle of sight.

Give sight today

Share Jesus’ healing love with a child facing a lifetime of darkness today.

$200 will give the miracle of sight to a child

Children require anesthetic and an overnight hospital stay.

Give a child sight

$39 will restore the sight of a mom, dad or grandparent

Cataract surgery for adults is quick and easy. Patients go home the same day.

Give a caregiver sight

From darkness to light: meet Stella

Stella and Joel

Stella’s vision is clouded by cataracts. Her mother is worried that her daughter will get lost or hurt on the way to school. Without her sight, Stella’s future is in doubt.

Stella smiling at doctor post surgery

Stella was so brave during her surgery! After the bandages come off, the doctor tests her sight. Everything looks good!

Stella smiling

“Mama, mama! I can read the numbers from far away now!” Stella shouts with joy. “I am very happy that I can see now!”

Stella and family

Stella is healed! She’s happy and excited to be going home soon. She can’t wait to show everyone how well she can see!

Theresia’s story

Theresia before surgery

Forced to leave home

Theresia had lived in her village all her life. It’s where she’d raised 8 children, kept cattle and grew a garden. But now cataracts had blinded her. She had no choice but to move in with her son in another village.


Feeling useless and in the way

Theresia was so unhappy. She thought the rest of her life would be unbearable … just sitting at home, unable to work or even play with her grandchildren. She had lost her livelihood and her independence.

Theresia getting eye dressing removed

The gift of surgery

Thanks to the kindness of friends like you, Theresia was given free cataract surgery. It was simple and quick. When the bandages came off, Theresia could see again! Her world of darkness and despair flooded with light.

Theresia after cataract surgery, smiling

A new lease on life

Now that Theresia can see, she’s excited to get back to work! She can now care for her grandchildren, lead her cattle to grass, tend her garden and visit with friends. Theresia is so grateful for this miracle of new sight!

Giving joy to the blind: Omari’s story

Omari has had trouble with his eyes for years. He’d had some success in business and was able to provide for his family … but the cruel combination of glaucoma and cataracts changed all that. Without his sight, 57-year-old Omari had no choice but to stop working. It was a harsh turn of events for this former businessman!

Then Omari’s life took a turn for the better—thanks to donors like you! Omari went to the Hope and Healing International-supported eye clinic. When the bandages came off after his operation, Omari couldn’t contain his joy. He could see!

Now he dreams of getting back to work as soon as possible so he can fulfill his dream of buying a house for his family.

Thank you for giving Omari and so many others the ability to follow their dreams!

Omari getting eyes checked by doctor
Omari after cataract surgery, smiling
Omari thanking doctor
Omari going home after cataract surgery

Quick Facts

Millions live in a world of darkness and pain

  • 253 million people are visually impaired
  • 19 million children are visually impaired
  • 90% of those living with blindness are in developing countries
  • 80% of visual impairment is preventable or treatable
  • 8 million people worldwide are blind from cataracts

YOU can give them God’s miracle of sight this Easter

  • 9 million moms, dads and kids receive ability-restoring services from Hope and Healing International every year, thanks to donors like you
  • 422,145 cataract operations were made possible by your donations last year
  • $39 will give the miracle of sight to a caregiver
  • $200 will provide the more complex surgery that will restore the sight of a child
  • 10-12 minutes is all it takes to perform sight-restoring surgery and change a life!

Be inspired! Watch these amazing stories about the miracle of sight

Gafaro’s Story

Facts about Cataracts

In the last 52 years, more than 12 million kids, moms and dads have received sight-restoring operations through Hope and Healing International.

Eye icon

What is a cataract?

According to the World Health Organization,     “a cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye which impedes the passage of light.” Children are sometimes born with cataracts, or develop them due to an injury, inflammation or disease.

Doctor icon

How does the surgery restore sight?

For adult patients, the doctors just use a local anesthesia so the surgeon can make a small cut in the cornea and remove the clouded lens. Then the surgeon replaces it with a new human-made lens. Most of the time sutures aren’t needed, which means patients experience lower infection rates and a faster recovery time—usually just 24 hours!

Dollar icon

Why does cataract surgery for a child cost $200?

Cataract surgery is more expensive for a child because the surgery is more difficult. It takes more time, as the cataract is softer and more prone to break apart. Also, a child is put under general anesthetic, which means an anesthesiologist needs to be involved. And the child stays overnight and monitored closely to ensure there is no infection.