Ghanian rice balls and groundnut soup recipe

Ghanaian rice balls and groundnut soup recipe

A ‘hot’ favourite on the street-vendor scene in West Africa, this Ghanaian speciality will add some zing to your dinner table. A delectable blend of spices with a peanut-butter base that can be served as a soup or a stew to your liking – modified with the level of stock – the fluffy rice balls add texture while sponging up the exotic flavours.


Serves 4–6

optional: vegetables (chopped carrots, potato, okra, eggplant, etc.)
1 tbs oil
3 onions, chopped
1–2 tsp of fresh grated ginger
2–3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped or pressed
1½ tsp salt
3–6 cups of vegetable stock (modify depending on whether you want soup or stew)
1 can pureed tomatoes
ground red pepper to taste, or fresh hot chilli pepper
2 tbs tomato paste
½ to 1 cup of creamy natural-style peanut butter (no sugar added)
salt and pepper, to taste
½ cup basmati rice, per person


  1. In hot oil, fry 2 of the chopped onions, ginger and garlic for 2 minutes (then the vegetables, if adding, and fry for another 5 minutes). Add a pinch of salt.
  2. Pour in the vegetable stock, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. In a food processor, blend together the remaining onion, canned tomatoes, red pepper and tomato paste. Add to the pot and simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Add the peanut butter and simmer for a further 30 minutes, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper.
  5. Meanwhile, boil the rice until soft and then mash with a wooden spoon until it sticks together. Divide into equal portions then mould into balls.
  6. Serve the rice balls in or beside the groundnut soup.