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A Grandmother’s Heart

My daughter left when Zamu was just 4 years old; she is the youngest of three kids. Sometimes she asks: “Why is my mommy not with me?”

I am a farmer. I sell produce at the market. We eat once a day. We have cassava, sweet potatoes, posho and beans.

When Zamu was born, she had bilateral clubfoot. I took the initiative to go to the hospital with my daughter and granddaughter. I did it for my granddaughter. They started casting her legs, then they used braces. One foot corrected itself.

Sometimes Zamu is included in the games, but there are times when kids will shoot wads at her. They abuse her. They call her ‘lame.’

She fights back.

Zamu did not ask to be born this way. When I think of how she will grow up with her disability, I am worried. I am grateful for your help. If you can treat her, it will change everything.

I go to pray every day and pray for the family, the grandchildren. I pray Zamu will grow into a responsible person. I pray that I will live long and see her thriving.


Resty’s prayers are answered.

With the support of Canadian donors like you, Zamu is receiving the support she needs. She’s participating in a resilience program and she loves it!

Thanks to your prayer, children like Zamu can thrive! Your support provides the medical care and heart healing she needs. Join us in prayer by ordering your FREE 2023 Miracles of Prayer Diary today!