Stop the Pain and Fear of River Blindness

You can protect a child from this agonizing disease.

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Generations of children only know the looming fear of River Blindness.

They’re leading their parents and grandparents around villages because their caregivers have lost their sight forever to River Blindness. They can’t help but wonder, “Will I be next?”


River Blindness is a blinding eye disease caused by a parasitic worm. Infected black flies inject these worms into a person’s body and the worms release millions of larvae that crawl through the body. As the larvae die, they release a toxin that causes agonizing itching. When the corpses settle in a person’s eye, they cause permanent blindness.


Parasite nest in the arm of a mom with River Blindness

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You can stop the cycle of fear and blindness!

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“I pray that God should not allow that my children get the same disease like me – that they get blind. I wish for my children to grow up healthy.” – Masu, a father who lost his sight to River Blindness.