Save children and families from a future of pain and blindness.

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Trachoma Is The #1 Cause of Infectious Blindness

In Ethiopia, where Hadiya lives, HALF of all children, parents and grandparents will contract trachoma.

It spreads through personal contact and by flies attracted to dirty water and unsanitary conditions. This means families living in poor communities are especially vulnerable.

But we can stop the spread of trachoma – if we act now.


A Proven Strategy to Stop Trachoma’s Pain and Blindness

Trachoma and the blindness it causes, can be prevented and treated through a series of simple interventions called the S.A.F.E Strategy:



In the advanced stage of trachoma, eyelashes turn inwards constantly scratching the cornea. Surgery corrects this to save sight and stop the pain.



Mass distribution of antibiotics is a vital part of the S.A.F.E. strategy to treat the infection.

Facial cleanliness

Facial cleanliness

The simple act of face-washing can help prevent disease transmission but children and families need a safe, clean water supply.

Environmental change

Environmental change

By providing clean water for communities, we can dramatically reduce the rate of infection. This is the long-term answer to the world trachoma crisis.

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Hadiya Is Living Proof of What Your Generosity Can Do!

Through the gifts of friends like you, Hadiya was given sight-saving antibiotics to treat her infection and her village received help to cap a spring for fresh water.

But so many more children and families still need your help.

Please help prevent the pain and blindness of trachoma for even more families and children like Hadiya by giving now.

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