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Kids First


No child turned away

You are a vital part of transforming paediatric orthopaedics across Malawi. Your generosity and faithfulness mean kids like Mike won’t be turned away at hospitals when they come for surgery. Your gift today will transform kids’ lives for years to come. And thanks to a generous match gift, your gift will be DOUBLED to get twice as many kids walking without pain.

We’re almost there! You can push this project across the finish line, and together, let’s change the future of orthopaedic care for kids across Malawi!

There is currently one orthopaedic surgeon for every 2.3 million people
15.5 million families live on less than $2/day


Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, here’s what we accomplished together so far:  

Dr Picha Linda

2 of the 4 doctors have begun their paediatric orthopaedic training in-country: Dr. Picha Linda Msowoya and Dr. Sophie Nanjala Iteta. 6 of 10 nurses have been identified for training and have been registered for an accredited course for paediatric nursing and operating theatre specialties.


12 outreach clinics have taken place all across Malawi, and 1,106 children have been assessed for orthopaedic conditions. These assessments have led to the identification of hundreds of kids in need of orthopaedic care. This means kids in the rural areas of Malawi can finally get started on their journey to healing.

Dr Banza

Dr. Leonard Banza and his team have provided orthopaedic care for 352 children. Your dollars have paid for transport, casting, surgery time, bandages and surgical kits. These orthopaedic surgeries signal a change in surgical focus in the country of Malawi. We are excited to see these numbers grow in the months to come. So far, you’ve provided 25-30% of the paediatric orthopaedic capacity in the whole country.

PD IDT Landing Image
  • Build and supply the children’s ward at LION
    • Prepare the land for building the Paediatric Ward and contribute to the early building materials
    • Purchase consumables for treatment of children’s fractures like velband, Plaster of Paris (POP), elastic bandages, sticky plaster, etc
  • Continue training for new surgeons and paediatric nurses
  • Identify even more children in need of orthopaedic care through outreach clinics
  • Provide the orthopaedic care kids need to walk and run without pain

The Long-Term Plan: Train national surgical staff 

By training Malawian surgeons, theatre nurses, you are changing the future of orthopaedic care in the entire country.