Shine God’s light into the lives of people living in darkness

Be part of 5,000 Miracles by giving the miracle of sight to someone like Mariam.

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In Need of a Miracle


Mariam worked hard all of her life to provide and care for her children.

So when this hardworking mother and grandmother began having vision problems, she was naturally concerned. But when her sight started going black, that’s when the real fear set in.

“I can’t do my work anymore. I also had to get rid of my home. I couldn’t take care of it,” Mariam says.

Unable to earn a living or care for herself, Mariam had to leave the village she loved and move in with her daughter. Today, the roles are reversed. Mariam’s daughter is now her caregiver.

But with your help, there’s no need for Mariam to feel as if her life is over. There is a way to restore her sight and lift the burden that cataracts have put on Mariam and her family.

You can give people living in darkness the miracle of sight! Your gift of only $39 will give someone their sight — and their life — back in as little as 10 minutes.

Too many people are living in darkness

  • Cataracts cloud the lens of the eye and prevent clear vision.
  • Cataracts are responsible for 51% of world blindness.
  • Almost 90% of people suffering from cataracts live in developing countries.
  • Today, cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness. But you can help.

Be a part of 5,000 Miracles

  • World Sight Day aims to focus global attention on vision impairment and blindness.
  • This year, World Sight Day is on October 8.
  • Our goal is to give 5,000 Miracles of Sight through vision-restoring cataract surgeries between now and World Sight Day.

How you can make the Miracle of Sight Happen

The treatment for cataracts is a surgery that is very successful in restoring sight.

Cataract surgery is only a 10 to 12-minute procedure!

A surgeon makes a tiny cut in the cornea and removes the clouded lens. He or she then replaces it with a small artificial lens. Most of the time, the patient doesn’t even need stitches and recovers quickly. Only a local anesthetic is needed.

It only costs $39 to provide cataract surgery for a mom, dad or grandparent.

Please give today and help meet our goal of making 5,000 Miracles of Sight happen by October 8 for people living in darkness.