Our partner hospital in Kenya has been around for over 20 years and has 30 hospital beds. Like us, they’re passionate about serving children who have been excluded and ignored because of their disabilities. Each child that comes into the hospital is considered royalty. We firmly believe that each one is precious and worthy of care and love.

World Class Surgery for Kids

Located in Kijabe, Kenya, our partner hospital opens its doors to all children with disabilities. They provide medical treatment for a variety of orthopaedic conditions like clubfoot, osteomyelitis, burn contractures and acquired or congenital conditions. The mission? To provide world class surgery to the poorest of the poor.

But work doesn’t just stay in the hospital. With our partner, we travel up to 500 km to screen and examine patients in remote areas of Kenya and refer those needing surgery to the hospital in Kijabe.

KenyaCompleting the Journey

Follow-up care like rehabilitation is also provided for those who have had surgery. We do this to make sure each child is on the right track to achieving their full potential. It’s a long road to healing for many of these kids, but we know that they’re getting the best of care.