Meet Rehema


You only need to see Rehema’s smile and hear her giggle to know that she’s an absolute delight. This little girl is full of life and loves to laugh, especially when she plays with friends at Hope and Healing’s partner hospital in Uganda. But it wasn’t always this way.

Pain in Every Step
Rehema was born with clubfoot. As she got older, her right foot turned inward more and more. Rehema couldn’t keep up with the kids her age as she limped along on the calloused side of her foot – pain shooting through her body with each step. Other kids left her behind.

And on top of the pain in Rehema’s foot was the pain in her heart. Rehema’s mom said that many people called Rehema “lame person”. To them, her twisted foot was her whole identity. This little girl wanted to be accepted and loved – something every child wants. Instead, she was left in tears day after day.

Rehema’s family wanted to help her, but they couldn’t afford medical care for their daughter. It was too expensive. But then, someone like you chose to give Rehema a healing hug and paid for the vital medical care she needed.

Extraordinary Love in a Healing Hug
Now, Rehema is getting the casts she needs to gently guide and soften the ligaments in her ankles. Once that happens, this little girl will receive surgery to straighten her foot then physiotherapy to get her back on her feet. Thanks to someone like you, Rehema will one day be able to skip to school with her friends, pain-free!

And even now, this little girl’s heart is healing as she makes friends at Hope and Healing’s partner hospital – friends who know the challenges and pain of having a disability. Rehema is learning that she doesn’t need to be ashamed of her disability and that she is valuable and precious.

Supporters like you are showing kids like Rehema the love of God in powerful, life-changing ways. Thank you for transforming children’s lives and for reminding them that they are deeply loved – by you and by God.