Meet Grace

After years of despair, Grace’s mom is delighted because today her daughter is independent enough to go to school. “I can work in the field now to earn some money,” mom said. “I know that Grace is well looked after in kindergarten. The children there like and accept her and play with her.”

What happened to Grace and why was her mom so worried before?

Grace was just an infant when she developed an infection that spiked a high fever. But she didn’t receive the medical care she needed. Her mother took her to the local government health clinic where she was administered just some sugar medicine. Within three months her head started rocking from side to side. She didn’t have any control of her neck, and soon her entire body shook.

She developed cerebral palsy. The sad reality is that this condition cannot be cured.

However, the right therapy and training for activities of daily living, and the right equipment can be life-changing!

In fact, it can transform a child like Grace’s life from one of isolation, ridicule and extremely limited functioning to one of joy, ability, friendship and thriving!

And…of critical importance, treatment allows children like Grace to go to school.

Her mother initially took her to physiotherapy, but soon couldn’t afford the ongoing treatment or even the transportation to the hospital.

Then someone like you stepped in and gave her the care she needed through our partner hospital, CCBRT.

“I’m so happy that CCBRT exists,” Grace’s mom exclaims. “They offered therapy to my daughter—free of charge. They visit us regularly to support me. I could never have paid for all that.”

Recently, Grace has also received a wheelchair from CCBRT.

“I like going to school,” Grace told us. Her hearty laughter is proof. Her newly-formed friendships are proof. Her vocabulary is proof.

When Grace’s teacher first saw her, she wanted to send Grace back home. Her teacher said, “I work here alone and I had never seen anyone like her before. But now I get along pretty well with Grace. She is such a friendly girl and really eager to learn. Amazing.”

CCBRT worker Janeth said, “The most important elements of a successful therapy are love and time.”

Thank you for loving a child like Grace.