Meet Hamida


Hamida is excited to participate in school

When Hope and Healing International’s community worker found Hamida, she had been struggling with brittle bone disease for three years. Since birth her bones were very fragile and could break easily.

Hamida’s legs had broken a few times already in her young life and had mended at crooked angles. One of her legs became so twisted that she completely stopped walking.

“I had to carry her to the toilet, to play with others, everywhere,” said her mother, Adiya.

Even the smallest step Hamida tried to take would hurt. Other children played with her only for a short while and sooner or later they’d leave her behind.

“Sometimes she cried,” Adiya said sadly.

Caring for Hamida was a full time job, and Adiya had three other young children at home to feed and clothe. “There is not enough food to feed my family,” she said.

To make matters even worse, Hamida’s father lost hope and left the family.

The promise of a cure for Hamida’s pain came when our local community worker found her. And thanks to a generous donor, like you, she was able to receive life-changing reconstructive surgery.

“Now, Hamida can walk on her own,” Adiya told us, beaming with joy. “The surgery was very helpful!”

“If there was no treatment, her life would have been very difficult,” Hamida’s mom said with relief. “She wouldn’t be able to play with friends. And the family would have had to carry her everywhere.”

Adiya told us she believes her daughter will have a bright future now.

“English is my favourite subject,” Hamida told us. And the headmaster of her school said, “At lunch, she is carrying plates for others. That is a good sign that she has friends.”

We visited Hamida in class and saw her chatting happily with other kids. And when playing with other kids she shows everybody she’s got the strength to keep up. Hamida’s dreams and her mom’s hopes for her are now within reach.