Lorna’s got a friend to hug as she heals.

When Margaret heard about Hope and Healing International’s hospital in Kenya, she knew it was her daughter’s last hope.

Lorna was two-years-old when Margaret noticed something was different about her daughter’s left foot. When Lorna’s foot was flat on the ground, it was straight, but whenever she lifted it, her foot twisted inward in an awkward way.

Doctors told the family that Lorna needed insoles for her shoes, but even with these orthotics, pain throbbed through her leg. Her clubfoot was getting worse.

But this little girl with a spark in her eye was determined to jump and play with the other girls. She refused to let the pain stop her.

“She is a tough girl. She doesn’t complain about the pain she is in,” Margaret said.

But Margaret didn’t want her daughter to live with this pain for the rest of her life.

“When I first saw there was something wrong with her foot I was not happy. I want my daughter to study and have a good life,” she said.

Then she heard about one of Hope and Healing’s partners, CURE Kenya.

The team there examined Lorna’s foot and recommended surgery and a series of casts.

And thanks to healinghugs supporters like you, Lorna’s medical care began.

As her daughter was wheeled in for surgery, Margaret’s brows knit together in worry and she grew quiet. Would her daughter be alright? Would she be in pain? But then Margaret remembered the pastor’s prayer for Lorna the day before. She knew everything was going to be okay.

When Lorna woke up, her foot was in a cast. The surgery was a success, and her first step to walking pain free was complete!

As Lorna lay in bed, a worker placed a healinghugs bear in her arms. A huge grin stretched across Lorna’s face when she saw the teddy bear, and she hugged her furry friend tightly to her chest. She even gave the bear her hat because she didn’t want it to be cold.

After a few days in the hospital, this little girl is well on her way to recovery, and after casts and physiotherapy, she’ll be walking again with no pain. Her legs will finally be able to keep up with her spunky spirit. And the teddy bear by her side will remind her of someone across the world who loves her. Someone just like you.