April, 2019
cbm Canada becomes


Hope and Healing International. It’s our new name and it’s what we do together with you. In fact, it’s what we’ve done with compassionate people like you since cbm Canada started 110 years ago. Together we heal bodies and hearts, families and communities in some of the poorest places on earth.

“formerly cbm” links us to our rich heritage, for which we are deeply grateful. And “forever Christian” speaks to who we are. Who we’ve been since the beginning. Who we will continue to be as we move into an exciting future.

Here are some questions donors and partners have asked us:

Why are you changing your name?

We’re changing our name because we do so much more than restore sight to people who are blind. In fact, with a focus on children and their families, we’re doing more orthopedic surgery and treatment, more cleft lip surgery, more inclusive education, more livelihood assistance than ever before.

We believe Hope and Healing International speaks perfectly to the healthy hearts and bodies and communities we are creating for children and families living with disability in the poorest countries of the world.

Are you just as Christian as you were before?

Absolutely. We believe we are called to transform lives by valuing everyone as Jesus values them – including children and families too often forgotten by the rest of the world. That has been and continues to be our deepest reason for being and what guides our decisions and the way we work.

You’ll see that our faith drives us in everything from our website, the letters and brochures we send, and the people who talk to you when you call us.

We’ve chosen a tagline “formerly cbm, forever Christian” – that links us to our history and declares our ongoing commitment to sharing Jesus’ love with the world.

Are you changing the focus of your work?

In fact, we are going back to our roots. When our founder, Ernst Christoffel, started a home and school for children who were blind in Turkey in 1908 – right from the beginning, he opened his doors to children who couldn’t hear or who couldn’t walk, as well as those who couldn’t see. He called these children “Nobody’s children” and he recognized that no one else was caring for these kids.

We believe that the most vulnerable in the poorest communities and countries of our world are children caught in the cycle of poverty and disability. This is the work we have been doing for decades already. And this is the work we believe God is calling us to continue.

Do you still help people who are blind or visually impaired?

Yes we do. We continue to work alongside of tried and true partners to give the miracle of sight. In some cases, we give sight-restoring eye surgery. In other cases, we protect sight through antibiotics, access to clean water, hygiene education and sanitation.

What will your legal name be?

Our legal name will be Hope and Healing International starting on April 2, 2019.

For supporters who have planned gift agreements, estates and Wills with us under the name Christian Blind Mission International, Christian Blind Mission or cbm Canada, there is no need to change the name on these documents. Legal counsel has assured us that we will continue to be the same legal entity using the same charitable registration number, only under a new name. We are able to honour all of these past agreements, estates and Wills under our former name.

Whether you search for Hope and Healing International or Hope and Healing International International, you’ll find us online.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Ed Epp, our Executive Director, would love to answer any of your questions, please call him at 1.800.567.2264 ext 246

“The deed of love is the sermon everyone understands.”

Ernst Christoffel, Founder


“We’ve bathed this new name in prayer and believe God has answered us with wisdom, peace and excitement.”

Ed Epp
Executive Director