Mathews’ Story

When Mathews was two-years-old, his mother, Monika, noticed that her little boy had a problem with his left eye. Mathews was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, a condition which causes clouding over the lens of the eye, and required surgery to repair. For Mathews and his mother,Monika this meant taking a long, grueling bus ride to a hospital 300 miles from their home.


“All I wanted is to get the sight of my child,” says Monika. “So I followed whatever information I was getting, whether it was to go here or there. All I wanted is for the life of my child to get better.”


A few years after Mathews’ first successful surgery, Monika noticed that her son was now having trouble using his other eye. Before, he was able to see clearly out of this good eye, but now there were opaque white spots on the surface of the eye, a sign of cataracts.


“Because of the vision problem, he is not doing very well at school,” Monika says, pressing her hands together.

Thanks to the generosity of a supporter like you, Mathews was able to receive the eye surgery he needed to save his sight — this time, close to home. Today, his vision is vastly improved, and the family has high hopes for his future.


Now Mathews is looking forward to doing well in school. “When I get an assignment, I will be able to do it alone without the help of anyone else.” His goal for this year? “To be number one in my class.”


Throughout this journey for her son, Monika has leaned on her faith in God to guide her. “We have been to hospitals many times,” she explains. “It’s God who has healed him all this time. To get this far, it’s just the grace of God.”


She expresses her deep gratitude for the generous support of Canadian donors. “I am very much thankful to Hope and Healing International,” she says. “It is my prayer that God touches every one of you.”