How Your healinghugs are Making a Splash

Child Ambassadors Are Excellent Teachers

Child ambassadors lead their peers in proper handwashing techniques, and one of the kids showed Ed how to wash his hands the right way.

Together, We Can Stop the Threat of Trachoma



Flies spread the trachoma bacteria from face to face.



Infection causes painful cuts leading to scars, which turn the eyelid inward.


In-turned eyelids

Eyelashes break off and scratch the eyeball with every blink.

Damaged cornea

As the cornea heals, scar tissue forms and clouds the sufferer’s sight.


The cornea is destroyed. The sufferer is permanently blind.


You can provide the hope that puts a stop to this…



Antibiotics treat and heal the infection. Education and access to clean water help prevent children and their families from becoming infected over and over again, which prevents unnecessary blindness.

Help Through healinghugs

Globally, trachoma is the leading cause of avoidable blindness.

But we know that clean water, sanitation and hygiene education are crucial elements that decrease the spread of trachoma in Amhara and protect little eyes from becoming infected.

That’s why we’ve partnered with ORDA to give healinghugs. Hope and Healing International works with ORDA to dig wells and cap springs and build latrines – all important elements to protect a child’s sight. Thank you for being part of such hopeful and sight-protecting work!