Partnership Development Team

Josephine Cavarra – Partnership Development, Non-Cash Resources, Canada
“I love my job! Every day, I have the privilege to source beautiful, donated medical equipment and supplies from generous hospitals and companies here in Canada. These goods are sent to trusted partner hospitals in much poorer places. And they’re used to change lives with hope and healing. This is living my faith. I believe God calls us to share the wealth we’ve been given with as many people in need as possible. It gives me pure joy to learn from our partners in the field how lives are being changed through the medical goods we are sending. To hear our partners say again and again, ‘May God bless Hope and Healing International!’”

Shelley Wiebe – Partnership Development – British Columbia and Alberta
“The people I meet every day are amazing. They are generous friends of Hope and Healing eager to offer financial and moral support, full of wisdom and practical knowledge. Their dedication inspires me. My work at Hope and Healing is also driven by my Christian faith and the tangible care we deliver to children with disabilities and their moms. As a mother myself, I feel blessed to have met loving and dedicated moms who refuse to give up in the face of poverty and disability, who keep faith despite all the pain and hopelessness around them. They are my heroes. It is my profound privilege to be a bridge between our beautiful donors here in Canada and these mothers, as together we bring hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable children in the world.”

Stephen Mathieu – Partnership Development – Ontario, Quebec, and the East coast
“Nothing pleases me more than to see the sheer delight on the faces of people here in Canada – people whose investments and prayers are changing lives. I am so blessed to bring back stories and reports of their wonderful, inspiring and life-long impact. On a recent trip to Malawi I met a nine-year-old boy who had lost half of his hand. Thanks to the generosity of people here, this boy received both physiotherapy and psychological counselling. When I sat down and talked with him, he told me, “Now I am the best football player and third-smartest student in my grade.” The joy I saw in that boy’s eyes, the relief I saw on his mom’s face – that’s what I want to bring back to the supporters I talk to each day. This isn’t just a job. It’s a calling from God.”