One month after surgery on George’s left foot, he is back at CoRSU hospital. In the picture, intern Orthopedic officer Derrick removes the cast using an electric sew machine. George is an eleven year old – born with bilateral clubfoot. Efforts to correct the disability at a government hospital in Kayunga district in Central Uganda failed. Please refer to respective report for more information

Caption: “Very soon I will be able to play football on corrected feet! Thank you Hope and Healing International!”

From foot pain to football

George and his mother, Efrance, travelled for five hours to get to the hospital to have his casts removed. Both of them were all smiles as they entered the hospital. They could hardly contain their excitement.

He can hardly wait to see his straightened left foot, a month after surgery. While casts were put on both feet to straighten them, only the left foot had the surgery at this point. The next step is for his right foot to also undergo the surgery.

In the meantime… he will have to wear a brace on his left foot to support and continue the straightening of his foot.

Once the casts were cut off of both his feet, mother and son were ecstatic!

George said, “I would like to thank the people of Hope and Healing International for helping to fund my surgery and rehabilitation…. Now I have a corrected foot! I expect to have another surgery… very soon. I will be able to play football and walk like other children. My friends will no longer tease me about my disability and I will study hard to succeed in the future.”

Efrance said with a warm smile, “I thank all the people who helped… God should give them their heart’s desires. George’s foot is straight!”

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