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Zamu’s Story, the Impact of Prayer

Your Prayers at Work: Resilient Hope

Zamu was born with a clubfoot. But this tenacious girl hasn’t allowed her disability to slow her down. She loves to play jump rope, despite being ridiculed and bullied by other kids.

Pray for Zamu. Although she’s scheduled to receive medical treatment soon for her twisted foot, she’s already begun the journey of heart healing. Zamu recently completed the resilience program taught by our education partner where she learned the importance of setting goals, being a good friend, handling conflict, positive self-talk, among other important life skills. Thanks to your prayers and support, this beautiful girl now proudly says “I love my body,” and has growing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Your prayers for kids like Zamu make all the difference so that they know they are loved and valued on their road to healing.

Joanna la Fleur is a speaker, podcaster and TV cohost for See Hear Love. She became an ambassador for Hope and Healing International after hearing children’s stories and seeing the difference donors like you make in the lives of children living in poverty with disability. After seeing the impact firsthand, she recognizes that praying for children is key in this work as well.

She said, “Our prayers can do so much to provide courage, healing, comfort and love in ways that physical healing alone cannot. When children know they are remembered and loved by people who have never met them, it builds their confidence and resilience in difficult circumstances. Prayer touches hearts and changes lives.”


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