Trachoma is the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness.

You can help stop trachoma in its tracks by providing access to clean water, safe latrines and education. Act now to save generations of Ethiopians from going blind.

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It is because of poverty that 75 million Ethiopians live at risk of catching trachoma – a painful, infectious disease that will eventually leave people permanently blind. This ancient disease is completely preventable.

Raise the standard of living Trachoma rates will decrease

Your participation in Operation SAFE and Sound will save the sight of people now, and for generations to come.


The Plan

Effectively treat trachoma infections quickly while addressing the root cause of trachoma – poverty.

Step 1

Increase access to clean water, sanitary latrines and education

Step 2

Increase family income levels by implementing VESA – Village Economic and Savings Associations

Step 3

Evaluate and monitor success rates to further define the plan

Step 4

Implement Operations: SAFE and Sound in other trachoma-affected communities to eradicate trachoma in Ethiopia

How it will work

You can be the key to Operation: SAFE and Sound

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Kuma's Pain

having the trachoma infection.

“Two months ago I started having problems with Trachoma eye infections… I have four children going blind from Trachoma,” says Samono, a mother who worries for her children.

Kuma with his eye pulled down

6-year-old Kuma is one of Samono’s children who suffers from trachoma. “It feels like there’s sand in my eyes – and I need to get it out of my eyes. Sometimes it hurts so much I have tears flowing down my eyes.”

boy getting water

Samono’s children help her gather water from the only place they can…the river. She states, “I am getting my water from the river here…we desperately want clean water…Please help us.”

The end of trachoma is possible


trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness


countries endemic of trachoma


people are at risk of trachoma

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