It’s too late for Therese.

It’s not too late for Davina.

Act now to save Davina’s sight.

River Blindness can be stopped. Your gift today will provide 7X the sight-saving medicine.

River Blindness threatens the sight of more than 100 million people worldwide. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), more than 18 million people are at risk. We have the medicine to save their sight, but we need your help.


The pharmaceutical company Merck and Co.™ has donated the sight-saving drug Mectizan®.


We need your help to get this sight-saving medicine to the kids, moms and dads and grandparents who are threatened by River Blindness.


Mectizan® is given for free to communities exposed to River Blindness until the disease is eradicated forever.


River Blindness causes excruciating pain. Unbearable itching. Permanent blindness.

Worms carried by black flies spread the disease from person to person.


How river blindness spreads

Black flies spread the disease by infecting people with microscopic worms. The worms reproduce millions of larvae that cluster throughout the body. When the larvae die, they release a toxin that causes intense itching and destroys the optic nerve, leaving the victim permanently blind.

“Out of Sight”

Exploring River Blindness

Together, we can eradicate River Blindness by 2025

Our plan to eradicate River Blindness works! The disease has already been wiped out of Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Senegal and Mali.

The sight-saving drug Mectizan® has been donated free of charge by the pharmaceutical company Merck. Mectizan® kills the larvae and sterilizes the adult worms, stopping the spread of the disease.

Because the adult worms live for 10-15 years, Mectizan® must be taken once or twice a year for 15 years by everyone in an at-risk community. Once all the adult worms have died, River Blindness is gone from the community forever!

You can help get Mectizan® into the hands of every kid, mom, dad and grandparent who’s living in fear of this horrible disease, we can wipe River Blindness off the face of the Earth.

Give today to send 7X the medicine and help put an end to River Blindness.

Sight Saved: Vincent’s Story

Vincent worked backbreaking days as a diamond digger to support his six children. He had to dig deep into the hard ground, sometimes diving into rivers to bring up silt and sand.

When Vincent started to lose his eyesight because of River Blindness, he feared his working days would be over. Who would look after his children?

When the vision in his left eye was completely gone, Vincent returned home to his village. But thanks to the generosity of people like you, the village had been supplied with Mectizan®.

Vincent was treated immediately, and his sight in his right eye was saved! Now he works as a farmer and is still able to care for his family.

“I want to thank all those who help that we get Mectizan® each year and for free. And I beg them to continue with their support, because the medication helps us, it heals our bodies and gives us strength to help our families.”