It’s not too late. Act now to save Sylvie’s sight.

We can eliminate River Blindness. Every dollar you donate today multiplies to provide 5X the sight-saving medicine.

The sight of over 18 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is threatened. Together, we can save them from River Blindness in three quick steps.


Hope and Healing International receives the sight-saving drug Ivermectin (Mectizan®) for free from the pharmaceutical company Merck.


Your donation helps Hope and Healing International distribute the free medicine to communities exposed to River Blindness in the DRC.


The medicine protects those at risk and prevents the spread of the disease, eliminating River Blindness forever.


River Blindness causes unbearable itching, pain and eventual blindness.

The disease is caused by a tiny worm and carried by blackflies. Once blindness occurs, the damage is permanent.


Step 1 An infected blackfly bites an innocent victim, transmitting the parasite. Step 2 The worms reproduce millions of larvae—for up to 15 years.
Step 3 Tiny worm larvae crawl throughout the body, causing terrible itching. When they reach the eye, blindness sets in. Step 4 A non-infected blackfly bites the infected person, picking up the parasite and spreading it to others.

The worms reproduce quickly once in the victim’s body. Millions of tiny larvae spread throughout the body, forming clusters under the skin. When they die, they release toxins that cause unbearable itching. Once the larvae reach the eye, the result is blindness.

“Everything is black”

Living with River Blindness

With your help, we can eliminate River Blindness in the DRC by 2025.

This disease has already been eliminated in Senegal and Mali. Now, we’ve committed $232,000 to ending River Blindness in the DRC where 18 million people are threatened by this horrible disease.

We deliver a life-changing medication called Ivermectin (brand name Mectizan®) that, when taken once a year for 10 to 15 years, cures infected people of the parasites that cause blindness.

Merck & Co. donate this essential medicine at no cost so that we can distribute the miracle of sight.

You can be part of this miracle today with your donation to help pay for the distribution of Ivermectin to infected villages, helping to prevent devastating disability and protecting the sight of kids, moms, dads and caregivers in the DRC.

Your gift of $60 will become $300 of this sight-saving medicine.

Fear or Freedom: Albert’s story

When 74-year-old Albert contracted River Blindness and lost his sight, he also lost his ability to support his family. Worse, he risked spreading the sight-stealing parasite to those he loved and his entire community.

Albert was infected by tiny blackfly bites while hunting and had no idea debilitating parasites were entering his body.

“First, I couldn’t recognize people from far anymore. Then I could hardly see the people close to me…finally I lost my sight completely.”

“I used to be mobile, hard-working and strong,” says Albert.

After watching his father lose his livelihood, dignity and sight, George now fears for his own future and the future of his children.

Albert’s son George helplessly watched his father suffer itching, pain and eventual blindness.