Stop this black fly from destroying lives

River Blindness Stops with You

Free Mectizan Medication

Mectizan® is donated to Hope and Healing International FREE OF CHARGE by the pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co.™

Mectizan distribution

Hope and Healing International distributes Mectizan in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

1 Person protected

Every dollar you give to fight River Blindness will become $6 worth of sight-saving medicine.

$5 of free medicine + $1 of your support = $6 of sight-saving hope

Your Donation = Sight Saved

10 Families

$50 = 10 families

100 People

$100 = 100 people

African Village

$200 = 1 village

We can eliminate river blindness by 2025

All 30 River Blindness affected countries are being treated through a coalition spearheaded by the World Health Organization. Hope and Healing International is working with our partners to treat more than 16 million people with sight-saving, life-restoring Mectizan® each year.

By giving every person in an infected community Mectizan® for 10-15 years, we can ensure that no adult worms and larvae are left alive.

We couldn’t do it without the great generosity of Merck and Co, without the cooperation of local Ministries of Health and without the dedication of local men and women, providing the frontline resources.

THE MEDICINE: Merck has donated Mectizan for 25 YEARS, the longest running drug donation in history.
THE BRIDGE: You get the sight-saving medicine to children, moms and dads who desperately need it.
THE CHANGE: Trained community members distribute the medicine to protect an entire village from River Blindness.