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Cotrida sees her grandchildren again

Cotrida is a proud and loving grandmother of 15 grandchildren. Six of her eight children have died, leaving Cotrida to care for her grandchildren. But a few years ago, the worst happened: she started to lose her sight.

“Since I lost my sight, I could no longer wash and clean my home. I couldn’t go to the farm. I couldn’t do anything.”

Cotrida used to farm, cook and look after the children while her one surviving daughter worked. Now, she had to rely on her grandchildren for everything. She felt useless and afraid.

Thankfully, a kind person like you paid for Cotrida to have free cataract surgery at a Hope and Healing International-supported hospital. Cotrida received the miracle of sight! The first thing she did was go to church to thank God.

Attending church today was amazing. For such a long time I stayed at home. I couldn’t go to church. I especially thank God for the wonders he has done for me. I believed I would see again, and now I can.

Millions of people have needlessly lost their sight


of world blindness is caused by cataracts

20 million

people are blind because of cataracts

Up to 75%

of household income can be lost when a caregiver loses their sight

You can bring hope and healing to those living in darkness

10 million

cataract operations have been performed thanks to donors like you

10-12 minutes

of surgery can restore someone’s sight


can restore the sight of a loving caregiver

What are cataracts?

Cataracts rob the sight of parents and grandparents already struggling to provide for their children. The cataract clouds the eye’s lens, which means light can’t get in. Most cataracts occur in old age, although sometimes children develop them as well. Cataracts can also be brought on by injury, inflammation or disease.

Healing is possible!

It only takes a 10-12 minutes surgery to give a caregiver back his or her sight. The doctor removes the clouded lens through a tiny incision, then inserts a small artificial lens. Most of the time a local anesthesia is all that’s needed, and the patient doesn’t even need stitches! Usually, the patient’s sight improves right away.

Last year 605,443 children, moms, dads and grandparents were given the miracle of sight, thanks to generous friends like you!

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