"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed." Proverbs 19:17 (ESV)

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Benita’s legs were extremely bowed. With every step, pain shot through her body. The other children often laughed and made fun of her. And Benita’s legs were only getting worse. Soon, she wouldn’t be able to walk the 90-minutes each way to school, and eventually, she would be cut off from friends, her community, learning and a promising future.


Because of supporters like you... Benita got the surgery and long-term medical care she needed at our partner hospital. Medical equipment like hospital beds and wheelchairs were a big part of her healing journey.

Canadian hospitals and manufacturers have donated life-changing medical equipment, and donors like you send that equipment to kids like Benita. When you ship medical miracles, your gift multiplies 14 TIMES in value, and you transform kids' lives!

Benita's mom quote

Now Benita can run and play with friends!

More than $10 million worth of medical equipment has been donated. You can ship a miracle to a child like Benita!


Every $1 you donate pays the shipping costs for $14 worth of medical equipment. Your $65 becomes $910 and ships life-changing medical care to a child.

Generous Canadian hospitals, manufacturers and other charitable organizations have graciously given new and gently used medical goods – either from over-stock, goods produced with the purpose of donating, or to divert quality medical equipment from the landfill, giving it a second life.

These containers go to our medical health partners in Cameroon, Eswatini and Malawi.

At every step in the process, we work with trusted partners that we’ve established relationships with - from our freight forwarders who assist us with the shipping details, to customs, to the hospital staff in charge of inventory, to the medical teams who use the equipment and supplies to treat children, to the community health worker who identifies a child in the community. We only send medical items that have been requested by our partners, that will meet the specific needs of the children with disabilities in their care.

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Hope and Healing International is a Christian, international development organization that has been bringing hope and healing to children and families trapped in poverty with disability for more than 110 years. Hope and Healing is committed to the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable persons, working to protect them from harm and neglect. As careful stewards of our resources, we plan to spend $3.2 million in fiscal year 2021/2022 to raise $27.5 million to help children and families caught in the cycle of poverty and disability. Please note that if more funds are received for a particular program, project or item than required, Hope and Healing International reserves the right to use the surplus funds in a Board-approved program or project, or for a similar item.
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