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Give today and send 34X the value of life-changing medical equipment to people living in poverty with disabilities.

Ship A Miracle

Beltivette used to be known as the “little crying girl”. She was born with knock-knee, a painful and debilitating condition that would eventually cost her the ability to walk.


Beltivette suffered from the other children’s cruel taunts and unbearable pain in her leg. Her mother worried that she might never go to school or get married.


Beltivette can’t wait to get home to show off her miracle of healing. Soon, she’ll be running around and playing, just like the other kids.


With the help of a donated child-sized walker, Beltivette is learning how to walk again – this time without pain!


Generous friends like you helped ship the surgical and medical equipment doctors needed to fix Beltivette’s leg.


“I will be travelling to the big hospital, where my legs will be fixed!” – Beltivette

Send life-saving, ability-restoring medical equipment and supplies to the world’s poorest families. When you donate today…


You help children walk.

A child-sized walker helps Beltivette learn how to walk again on her new, straight leg.


You aid miraculous recoveries.

These boys use crutches and a wheelchair to get around during their recoveries.


You give children wheels to get around.

Ken can go to school, church and to visit family and friends because someone like you sent him a wheelchair.


You give sight.

Desire can go back to work and support his family after a successful eye surgery.

You make miracles happen. Here’s how.

Together, we can ship miracles around the world!

Miracle-making equipment is urgently needed in hospitals and health centres, including:

  • Chad – Fondation Grand Coeur
  • Cameroon – Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services
  • Dominican Republic – CURE International Hospital
  • Eswatini – Good Shepherd Hospital and The Luke Commission
  • Malawi – Kamuzu Central Hospital and Nkhoma Eye Clinic
  • Pakistan – Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust
  • Uganda – CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Zambia – Kitwe Central Hospital and St. Francis Mission Hospital
  • Zimbabwe – Jairos Jiri Association

Every $1 you give will send $34 of miracle-working medical equipment and supplies to children and families struggling with disability and poverty.