When Children Break

For the world’s poorest children, broken eyes – ears – or legs – can be a life sentence in poverty

When she was 3 months old, Justine became very sick. Her parents took her to the local Ugandan clinic – where she received an injection. The next morning, her feet were cold and blue – and had to be amputated.
From then on, Justine would crawl wherever she needed to go. She was isolated. Teased. And began to despair…

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Right now, there are millions of children like Justine – trapped by a disability – unable to afford the healing care they need.

For $30/month, you can give a child like Justine the surgery, rehabilitation, and follow-up care he or she needs to heal.


Why sponsor a child with Hope and Healing International?

You are helping the world’s poorest children
The children you sponsor through Hope and Healing International are not just poor… they’re poor and living with a disability.
You open the eyes of a child who is blind, providing them with glasses and follow-up care. You help children with crippled legs or twisted feet walk to school. You are a part of real-life miracles.

You provide a complete, unique solution
Because every child’s circumstances are different – each child is given a custom care plan. Your dollars go directly to fund that particular child’s care.

You fund life-change. Not administration
To make sure the maximum resources are spent on delivering life-changing care – we’ve avoided a complex communication system capturing the name and picture of every sponsored child.
Instead, we offer you an in-depth look into one child’s life – a representative story of the child you’re sponsoring.

Heal a child and transform a life