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An Important Message from Ed

One of the greatest blessings and joys of my life has been seeing the hope and healing you’ve given to children. I’ve seen the smiles of the kids you’ve helped with my own eyes.

Since I started at Hope and Healing, helping children and families has always been a top priority for me – and for all our staff – so no decision is made lightly. Over the past several months, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and praying. The Bible talks about a season for everything, and at 65, I believe that my season as Executive Director of Hope and Healing International has come to an end. I’ve decided to retire at the end of June.

Rest assured this life-changing work won’t end with my retirement, and I look forward to continuing to support this vital work on the donor side, along with you.

I wish I could introduce you to all the amazing kids I've met. Instead, I've put together a video to share some of my thoughts and favourite memories with you.

It’s been my honour to partner with generous supporters like you. Thank you!

Transform more kids lives!

You can give more kids living in poverty with disability the hope and healing they need today. You can make 2023 a year full of blessings for these amazing kids!

See the amazing ways you’ve blessed children’s lives in your 2022 Annual Report!

You shipped miracles, and you saved lives in Ethiopia. You gave kids sight and healinghugs. You gave vital medical care, and you sent vulnerable kids to school. And so much more!

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Here’s how your dollars are used to transform lives:

5-year trending using audited annual financial statements. Annual statements can be found online at:

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  • 82% - Life-changing Programs
  • 12% - Fundraising
  • 6% - Administration


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Hope and Healing International is a Christian, international development organization that has been bringing hope and healing to children and families trapped in poverty with disability for more than 110 years. Hope and Healing is committed to the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable persons, working to protect them from harm and neglect. As careful stewards of our resources, we plan to spend $3.9 million in fiscal year 2022/2023 to raise $28.7 million to help children and families caught in the cycle of poverty and disability. Please note that if more funds are received for a particular program, project or item than required, Hope and Healing International reserves the right to use the surplus funds in a Board-approved program or project, or for a similar item. Charitable Registration No. 10691 8329 RR0001

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