Give a child new life this Easter through the miracle of sight

Your gift can help rescue a child from preventable blindness

Restore the sight of a child or caregiver and show them the power of Jesus’ love in action.

A Future for Blessing


Unable to see much beyond shadows, abandoned by his parents and by his friends, Blessing’s present is lonely, and his future is dark.


A community worker at one of Hope and Healing’s partner hospitals helps Blessing get FREE surgery — thanks to someone like you. His sight is restored!


Her precious grandson has a future – of school, of friendship, a future that is no longer completely dependent upon her.


Blessing runs and plays with the other children. He goes to school and helps his grandmother. He is living a brand new life.


A Grandmother’s Story

Caring for her grandson

Dumsile’s grandson, Luyanda, came to live with her when he was just eight months old. The matriarch of her family, she now helps provide for four children and three grandchildren.

A heavy burden on a child’s shoulders

Dumsile’s once sharp eyes clouded over with bilateral cataracts at the age of 52. No longer able to care for Luyanda, her now eight-year-old grandson must lead his grandmother by the hand and take on more and more of the household responsibilities.

Restoring sight today

Because caring friends like you gave generously, Dumsile received FREE cataract surgery! With her sight restored, she can now resume her duties of grandmother and caregiver. And Luyanda can get back his childhood.

A bright future ahead

Dumsile is planning to expand her fruit sale business and raise her whole family’s income. At 52, she is still full of potential. All she needed was her vision restored.

Quick Facts

Millions live in a dark and lonely world

  • 253 million people are visually impaired
  • 26% of blindness is caused by cataracts
  • 90% of those living with blindness are in economically poor countries
  • 8 million people worldwide are blind from cataracts
  • 80% of visual impairment is preventable or treatable
  • 19 million children are visually impaired

YOU can give new life by restoring sight this Easter

  • 200,729 girls and boys have received life-giving medical care, thanks to donors like you
  • 4,265 caregivers’ cataract operations were made possible by your donations last year
  • $39 will give the miracle of sight to a caregiver
  • $200 will provide the more complex surgery that will restore the sight of a child
  • 10-12 minutes is all it takes to perform sight-restoring surgery and change a life!

Hope and Healing International provided empowering, ability-restoring services to 634,901 people last year.

What causes cataracts?

  1. Your eye lenses harden as you age. For millions of people in the world, their eye lenses eventually turn cloudy, blocking the light and making it hard to see (it’s like looking through wax paper).
  2. Some babies are born with cataracts. These may be inherited or caused by a mother’s illness during pregnancy. If a child’s congenital cataracts are not removed by age 2 or 3, their brain never learns to interpret visual information and they lose the ability to see for life.
  3. Cataracts caused by eye injuries can happen at any age. A traumatic cataract may form soon after an injury or months to years later.

How does the surgery restore sight?

The surgeon makes a small cut in the cornea and removes the clouded lens. Then the surgeon replaces it with a new human-made lens. Most of the time patients experience fast recovery time—usually just 24 hours! For adult patients, the doctors just use local anesthesia. Children are given general anesthesia to prevent them from moving around during the surgery.

Why does cataract surgery for a child cost $200?

Cataract surgery is more expensive for a child because the surgery is more difficult. It takes more time, as the cataract is softer and more prone to break apart. Also, a child is put under general anesthetic, which means an anesthesiologist needs to be involved. And the child stays overnight and is monitored closely to ensure there is no infection.