It’s too late for Mairige.

It’s not too late for Wajir.

Act now to save Wajir’s sight.

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from River Blindness.

I always wish she could see me and we could look at each other.

Instead of going to school, Wajir cares for her great-aunt, who is blind because of River Blindness. But Wajir is also in danger of experiencing the same painful descent into permanent blindness.

I wish so much I could see Wajir and all the other children around me. To be blind is terrible. Every evening I ask God to protect the children so they don’t get blind.

Mairige relies on her 10-year-old grand-niece to care for her. She feels helpless… and is terrified Wajir will catch this horrible disease.


More than 100 million people worldwide are at risk of River Blindness. The medicine to save their sight has been donated free of charge, but it’s up to you to get it to them.


The pharmaceutical company Merck has donated the sight-saving drug Mectizan®.


You can send this miracle drug to the kids, moms and dads living in fear of River Blindness.


Community members distribute the drug to everyone exposed to River Blindness until the disease is gone forever.




Protecting the future: Masu’s story

As a child, Masu had one goal in life: to become a doctor. He worked hard in school, and dreamed of the day he could help those in his village suffering from illness and disease.

But then he started to lose his sight because of River Blindness. He couldn’t see the chalkboard anymore, and had to drop out of school. By age 22, he was completely blind.

“When I became blind, I lost hope,” he says. “All dreams disappeared. I thought, I’m finished with my life.”

Masu eventually married and had four children. His wife and children work in the fields, but it’s not enough. They often go hungry. Masu wants nothing more than to provide for his family, but there is nothing he can do. His biggest fear is that they, too, will go blind.

“I don’t want to imagine what would happen if any of my children caught the disease. Who will help them? This is my biggest fear. I pray that God should not allow that my children get the same disease as me – that they get blind. I wish for my children to grow up healthy, to go to school and earn money so they can care for themselves. And I want them to be good people.”

Your gift can help save Masu’s children from blindness. Please give today.



River Blindness is an irreversible disease caused by a tiny worm and transmitted by black flies.

River Blindness has destroyed countless lives. This is how:

“Out of Sight”

Exploring River Blindness

We’re working with the World Health Organization and a coalition of other non-profit organizations to eliminate River Blindness. Our goal is to raise $258,060 to deliver Mectizan® in Nigeria, where 26 million people are at risk.

Every person in an infected community receives Mectizan® for 10-15 years. This ensures that no adult worms and larvae are left alive, and the disease is eliminated.

We are grateful to Merck for donating this sight-saving medicine at no cost, and to all the men and women who travel from community to community, distributing this miracle of sight. Your donation today will help pay for the distribution of this medication to infected villages. You’re also helping train our community workers and enabling them to get this medicine into the hands of those who need it.

Give today to send 6X the medicine and help put an end to River Blindness.