About Us

About Us


We are doctors, teachers, health workers, community advocates and funding partners like you – passionate about giving hope and medical care to children trapped in poverty and disability.

We believe following Jesus means caring for vulnerable, forgotten kids.

We go to the world’s poorest places, to work with children living in the most difficult circumstances – so the most vulnerable children are not left behind. We find children like Christine, a little girl with cleft lip who was teased and mocked because of her disability. With your help, we set up remote surgical units, battling brown-outs and tropical diseases, to give the miracle of hope and healing. Our mandate is to ensure children with disabilities are included in development programs and emergency relief efforts.

Jesus spent His life caring for children, women, men on the fringes of society – those who were blind, poor, forgotten. That’s our inspiration.

Our faith drives us to work in the world’s poorest countries and communities.

Hope and Healing International has 18 project partners, giving empowering, ability-restoring, life-changing services in 9 of the world’s poorest countries.

Here’s what we accomplished together in 2023

Take a closer look at everything you’ve helped us accomplish in 2023, and our plans to reach even more children.

We use resources for maximum world change.

That means making sure we work with effective local and international partners. We invest in new opportunities to reach more children in need of our services. We look for real solutions to real problems to break the cycle of poverty and disability – at the grassroots level and at the policy level.

We’ve put love in action for over 100 years.

When the German missionary pastor, Ernst Christoffel, arrived in Turkey, one particular group grabbed his heart: children who couldn’t see, who couldn’t walk, who couldn’t hear, begging in the streets… He called them “Nobody’s children”, because no one was caring for these kids.

And so Pastor Christoffel opened a home and school for children with disabilities in Anatolia – Hope and Healing International’s first project – in 1908. Since then, Hope and Healing International has grown to care for more than 1 million of the world’s poorest children and families each year.

“The deed of love is the sermon everyone understands.”
Ernst Christoffel