Our Solution

Our Solution

More children living happier, healthier lives – free from the cycle of poverty and disability

What does it take for children with impairments in the poorest countries and communities of our world to live healthier, happier, longer lives?

It requires valuing and nurturing the whole child – body, mind and spirit. Health starts with essential medical services, and happy lives are lived in the context of healthy relationships in the home, in school and in communities.

Our programs are child and ability centred, driving healthy bodies, learning minds, and resilient spirits through the following sectors:



Quality, timely treatment for preventable, curable conditions; comprehensive rehabilitation plans that celebrate each child’s unique abilities; and families committed to fulfilling these treatment and rehabilitation plans.

Family Livelihood

Equipping parents with a sustainable income to keep children healthy and in school; access to vocational skills, equipment, training and micro-finance loans; medical treatment for caregivers that allows them to support and care for their families.



Parents and teachers educated and empowered to advocate for and support the special needs of children with impairments to facilitate learning.

Social Attitudes

Social Attitudes

Amplifying the voice of the child to change negative attitudes towards disability – in the community, church, school – all around the children we serve; and training community members to understand the causes of impairment and the rights and potential of children with disabilities.

Self Image

Self Value

Healing hearts as well as bodies, as children with disabilities overcome stigma and claim their intrinsic value as beautiful children of God.

Where We Work

Our Approach

As Christians, we believe that all children are made in God’s image. As such, all children with their unique abilities, have intrinsic value, and a God-given purpose in life. Every action and word we deliver through our programs at Hope and Healing are intended to communicate God’s love for the children we serve.

We are child-centred and believe that girls and boys with disabilities and their families are the experts in their lives, that their voices matter, and they inform our work.

Children who are loved, valued and have a champion, particularly in their home, are more likely to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Everyone benefits from inclusive communities, where children with disabilities and their families are included, where stigma is reduced, where children have friends, and they can access the services and supports needed.

We are partner-centred with authentic, collaborative, and long-term partnerships. Partners are well-positioned to implement projects for vulnerable children and are connected within their existing structures and systems to amplify our impact and sustainability.

We strongly believe in accountability to our partners, to our donors as stewards of their support, and most importantly to the girls and boys with disabilities and their families to ensure that our work is changing hearts and lives.

Our work is rights-based and recognizes that those who are most marginalized – children with disabilities – face the biggest barriers to realizing their rights. That’s why we work within the framework of:

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)