Our Financials

Using your gifts for maximum life change

In 2023, Hope and Healing International invested $31,968,043 into life-changing programs that provided medical care and support so children living in poverty with disabilities can live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Breakdown of Project Funding

Child Health

Preventing disabilities, treating disabling conditions, developing and implementing robust rehabilitation plans that celebrate each child’s unique abilities.

Family Livelihood

Supporting families so they have enough income to keep all their kids healthy and in school.


Equipping students with disabilites to self-advocate for what they need to learn effectively, and equipping parents and teachers to be effective champions.

Social Attitudes

Changing negative attitudes towards disability – in the community, church, school – all around the children we serve.


Healing hearts and bodies, as children with disabilities overcome stigma and claim their intrinsic value as beautiful children of God.

Breakdown of Expenses

5-year trending using audited annual financial statements

Life-Changing Programs

Transformation for children and their families living in poverty with disability.


Investing in growing a broad-based and dependable stream of supporters and funding to help more children for years to come.


Administrative systems that ensure accountability and impact-driving planning and reporting.

I have the chance to be a source of joy for these kids and to have their quality of life improved and know they are valued. My money is being used for good.

– Sarah Jane Klassen, Donor

Our 2023 Financials

5-Year Revenue Plan

Based on economic trends, we knew that 2023 would be a year of rising inflation that would mean higher costs for our local partners and for our donors. We had also seen our donors’ incredible generosity during COVID. With all these factors in mind, we set our target for our 2023 year at $28.7M. Thanks to the courage and generosity of incredible supporters, we surpassed this target by 18% to finish the year with a total of $33.9M.

By the end of 2023, our goal was to increase net dollars to programs by 33% – to $24.8M. Because of your generosity, we surpassed that target by 28% to invest $32.0M into life-changing programs so even more children and families receive the support they need.

Financial transparency is about accountability to every single child and family we serve, as well as to YOU, our funding partners. That’s why we’re committed to having the highest financial grades possible. And why we’re part of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities and the Better Business Bureau.

5-Year Revenue Plan

Every year we have an independent auditor review our books.

Our Fiscal Year is from July 1 to June 30.