We’re committed to using your gifts for maximum life change.

We use 81% of every dollar given to us for life-changing programs for children and families living in poverty with disability.

7% of every dollar is used for administrative systems that ensure accountability and impact-driving program planning and reports.

We invest 12% of every dollar given to us in fundraising, to grow a broad-based and dependable stream of supporters to help even more children for years to come.

You want your gifts used in the best way possible – to transform lives. That’s why we use every dollar as effectively as possible. Financial transparency is about more than building confidence and trust. It’s about accountability to every single person we serve. That’s why we’re committed to having the highest financial grades possible. And why we’re part of the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities and the top 100 charities in Canada as ranked by Charity Intelligence.

Fiscal Year 2020
Charity Intelligence

Your Dollars Transform Lives – Here’s How:

fiscal year 2020

Strategy 2022: Choose Hope

We made the decision to end our Impact 2021 Strategy a year early and developed a new 2-year strategy that allows us to respond to the uncertainty of the pandemic and to set a new course as we adapt to the “new normal” that will emerge.

Our goal is to rebound revenue back to pre-pandemic levels – to $27.3 million – by 2023, and to increase net dollars to programs by 33% – to $24.8 million – by 2023.

5 year revenue plan

5 year revenue plan

Every year we have an independent auditor review our books.

See what they found:

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Our Fiscal Year is from July 1 to June 30.