We’re committed to using your gifts for maximum life change.

We use 82% of every dollar given to us for life-changing programs for children and families living in poverty with disability.

6% of every dollar is used for administrative systems that ensure accountability and impact-driving program planning and reports.

We invest 12% of every dollar given to us in fundraising, to grow a broad-based and dependable stream of supporters to help even more children for years to come.

2018-2019 Annual Report

Annual report

Every year we also have an independent auditor review our books.

See what they found:

Financial Statement
2017 audited financial report
2014/2015 Audited Financial Statement

Here’s how your dollars are used to transform lives:


Impact 2021 is our 5-year strategy to drive more impact for more
children with impairments in the poorest communities of the world.

Our goal is to increase revenue by 45% – to $31.7 million – by 2021, and to increase
net dollars to programs by 50% – to $24.0 million – by 2021.
In 2019, we were able to send $24.7 million to programs.

5 year revenue plan

5 year revenue