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Strong. Brave. Determined. Fun.

Meet 9-year-old Pretty. She’s the youngest of 7 children. Her single mom does her best to care for everyone, but it’s been hard since her dad left the family. Being born with congenital limb deformities into a family who struggles just to produce enough food to sustain them, means there’s little left for Pretty’s medical care or for any of the siblings to complete their education.

With support from Canadians like you, Pretty has received the medical care she needs. She is excited to go to the hospital, and with her prosthetic leg, she says, “I feel free.”

Your love in action for children like Pretty reminds them of their value, and they are not forgotten.

When children see themselves as God sees them, they can change the world.

Pretty is a group leader at her school. She wants to become a nurse when she is older.

In the video you’ll see Pretty walking between the parallel bars. She says, “I am strong!” and she starts to giggle as she walks forward.


She is NOT broken.

In the video Pretty also says, “I am not broken!” The emphasis she puts on “not” is so strong. It shows the strength inside of her already. This reality that she knows to the core of her bones that she is fully whole, and she wants others to know it too.
Share Pretty’s story with the world.

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Share Pretty’s story with the world.

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