New Life
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New Life

This Easter, give sight. And give new life to a child in need.

Little Farhaiya is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

Her father is a farm labourer and her mother struggles to find work because she’s nearly blind as well. They can’t afford the eye surgery that their daughter needs.

Farhaiya is only six-months old, and the reality is that without medical care, she’ll live her entire life in the dark, unnecessarily. That’s why it’s so important to get kids like Farhaiya the medical care they need.

Because she deserves to have a future full of playing skip-rope with friends. Watching birds fly in the sky. Seeing her parents’ loving faces. And learning at school.

Give a child like Farhaiya sight and fill their world with light today!

But YOU can help kids like Julius!

Just $39 will give the miracle of sight! What an amazing gift to give a child. Today, you can show a child like Julius God’s love in action.

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Cataracts are a clouding of the lens within the eye. They block light to the retina, so the nerve cells can’t send clear pictures to the brain about what the eye is seeing. 
Cataracts can have several causes, including: 
  • Genetics
  • Infection during pregnancy
  • Low birth weight
  • Eye injury
  • Complication with other eye diseases like glaucoma
Cataract surgery is more expensive for a child because the surgery is more difficult. It takes more time, as a child’s eye is smaller and still developing. During this surgery, a child is also put under general anesthetic, which means an anesthesiologist needs to be involved. And the child stays overnight and is monitored closely to ensure there is no infection.