Edel’s Story

Looking to God for Healing


Edel was just a baby when her mom died, and she was sent to an orphanage. As she grew, a cataract slowly began to form in her left eye. When her aunt came to visit, she saw the white cloud in Edel’s eye and heard she was struggling to see the blackboard during class.  

She pulled Edel from the orphanage and took her to see a doctor who said Edel needed surgery to save her sight. But her aunt couldn’t afford it. She hoped to make enough money farming to pay for Edel’s surgery soon.  

But two years went by – and without care, Edel went blind in her left eye. Even with hope fading, she believed God would heal her. 

“Some days I would cry when I am alone. I have been praying to God…” – Edel 

God restored Edel’s hope when a compassionate Canadian like you stepped in and gave her sight-saving cataract surgery. When the bandages were taken off, she could read almost everything on the visual chart. “Auntie, I can see!” she said with a big smile. Now, she can continue in her studies and work toward her dream of becoming a nurse to help other kids like her. 

God knows my cry with this child. I thank Him that she can see again with that eye. May God reward you people for the good works.


Would you prayerfully consider leaving a gift in your Will to Hope and Healing International to help another child like Edel?

When you leave a legacy gift in your Will, you change the course of a child’s life, giving them restored hope and a brighter future.


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