I prayed, and you showed up 

A few months ago, my family packed up our life in Kenya and moved halfway across the world to Canada.

As big as this transition has been, I have no doubt this is where God has called me.

I had spent hours in prayer, asking God how He wanted to use me to make a difference for His kingdom.

And the more I prayed, the more I saw God show up. The more I learned about His purpose and will for my life.

I’ve always had a heart for serving the world’s most vulnerable kids, and I felt God calling me into new territory – to take a new job in a new country.

God shows up

I’ve spent the past 25 years working with children living with disabilities. God led me to love and serve these beautiful kids by being Jesus’ hands and feet – to love like He did when He was on earth… with a love in action. And that love looked specifically like medical care.

But in my prayers, I felt God call me to be part of a more holistic approach to helping kids… one that goes beyond surgeries and wheelchairs to children’s education and families’ livelihoods.

I knew God was inviting me to move to Canada and join you at Hope and Healing to meet the holistic needs of these beautiful kids. And in obedience to Him, I said “Yes, Lord. Whatever you say, I’ll do.”


In my years working in children’s hospitals, I’ve seen the difference that generous Canadians like you make for kids living in poverty with disability and their families.

And just like I’ve seen God show up in my own life, I’ve seen God show up, through your prayers and support, in the lives of courageous kids.

Kids like Lucky.

“God is on my side”

Three-year-old Lucky was born with twisted hands and arms. Because of it, he had very little independence.

Lucky needed surgery to restore his hands’ mobility. His parents are both farm labourers. When there isn’t work, the family often goes hungry. They just can’t afford the treatment Lucky desperately needs. 

“God has made a way”

Although it would have been easy to stop hoping for a miracle, Lucky’s mom prayed bold prayers and waited for God to answer them. 

And because of kind friends like you, their prayers were answered!  

Someone like you stepped in to give Lucky the surgeries he needed. 

I am not worried about Lucky having surgery. When we entered the CURE Kenya gate, I laid hands on Lucky and blessed him. I told him ‘You are going to be treated and you are going to be well and you’re going to be healed’.” – Lucky’s mom

Smiling child patient after surgery

“I prayed, and you showed up”

I believe that God uses your prayers and support to answer the prayers of kids like Lucky. 

So many families I’ve met have told me, “I prayed for my child’s healing, and you showed up.”  

You showed up… When you show up, that’s Jesus showing up.

When you pray for doctors and nurses, and for kids like Lucky, you’re being Jesus. 

When you provide a tangible solution to a problem – like giving kids the medical care they need – you’re being Jesus. 

Thank you for being Jesus’ hands and feet to kids like Lucky. You’re showing His tangible, healing love. You are part of His miracles of hope and healing. 

Kyalo Mwalimu

Peter Kyalo Mwalimu has been working in children’s hospitals and overseeing healthcare programs for over 25 years. Currently, he’s Executive Director of Hope and Healing International. For him, it’s about serving the Lord by being willing to follow God’s purpose and will for his life – to love as Jesus did when He was on earth… with love in action.