Give a Gift of Securities

Transform lives today with a Gift of Securities

Giving a gift of appreciated securities means you’ll be providing hope and healing to children and families living in poverty with disability.

By donating mutual funds, stocks and other securities, you will save on taxes while giving more generous gifts. And greater gifts mean more life-changing support for children, families and communities caught in the cycle of poverty and disability.

You’ll receive a receipt for the full market value of your donation and will pay no taxes on capital gains.

Transform lives by lifting families out of poverty today, and for years to come.

For more information on donating a gift of securities please contact us:
Phone: 1-800-567-2264 ext. 250

How to give a gift of securities

2. Send one copy of the form to your broker

3. Send one copy to Hope and Healing International’s Finance Department

Mail: PO Box 800, Stouffville ON L4A 7Z9
Fax: 1-888-845-7717
Scan and Email:

4. Your broker will forward the form to our banking institution and initiate the transfer

5. The transfer will be accepted on behalf of Hope and Healing International

6. We will contact you with the closing value for your charitable receipt and for your preferred designation of the gift

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to make a gift of securities?

  • Gifts of stock/shares take a few days.
  • Gifts of mutual fund units can take up to several weeks.

2. What publicly-listed securities can I give to Hope and Healing International?

  • A stock or share, debt obligation or anything right-listed on a designated stock exchange (Canadian or foreign)
  • A share of the capital stock of a mutual fund corporation
  • A unit of a mutual fund trust
  • An interest in a related segregated fund trust
  • A prescribed debt obligation (e.g., government savings bond)