Home is where love is.

Together we can build homes around vulnerable kids living with disability – homes where love can grow and body and hearts can heal.

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity Canada and Homes4Hope, every dollar you give has 3X the impact.

Hope and Healing International has brought expertise in accessible house design, disability-inclusive selection criteria, and inclusive livelihood and medical services, so children with disabilities can thrive.

Habitat Canada builds and repairs sustainable, accessible homes, improves access to safe water and sanitation, and provides training in property and inheritance rights and safe household management.

Homes4Hope funding creates an added incentive for Habitat Canada and Hope and Healing to build relationships, referral processes and reporting systems.

Malawi in 2024

Hope and Healing is excited about continuing our home-building partnership beyond 2023. In 2024, we will shift our home-building project back to Malawi, where desperate families are waiting for shelter and support.

Together, we can build homes of love for the world’s most vulnerable children!

Every time Naomi has to be carried over the steps into her relatives’ house, she’s reminded that she isn’t welcome. This isn’t her home.
— Ed

Naomi is a 10-year-old girl with spina bifida. She uses a wheelchair and requires a lot of extra care. Naomi’s parents created a loving home around Naomi. It was humble, but it was secure and loving. And it was theirs. Then, Naomi lost her mom and dad in an act of violence. In a moment, she lost her home, her protection. She lost the two people who would protect her and nurture her and love her, no matter what.

Without that protective home around her, Naomi is beyond vulnerable.

Naomi was forced to move into the home of relatives. And in this household, she is not welcome, except for one loving aunt who cares for her.

No space or time is made for the physiotherapist who visits Naomi. Even a ramp is considered too much inconvenience or stigma for these blood relatives to bear.

Every time Naomi leaves or comes back to the house, the effort of getting up or down the step reminds her that she is not loved and not worth money or effort.

But we can help Naomi and her aunt build their own home. A home with a ramp… a home where wheelchairs and physiotherapists are welcome… where beautiful children who need wheelchairs and therapists are welcome.

You and I can help heal Naomi’s fearful heart by giving her a safe home with a door that locks out violence and danger, and a sound roof that guards her from cold and wet and sickness.

We know that Naomi is worth a home. We can tell her that we believe in her and her potential.