Honour Roll

Inspired by Supporters Who Have Left a Legacy of Love

Every year, 10% of contributions received by Hope and Healing International come from the legacy gifts that supporters have generously left behind in their Wills.

Sometimes we have the privilege of hearing their stories. Who they were. What mattered to them. What they valued in their lives. What they accomplished during their lifetimes.

And, why they left a legacy gift behind in their Wills to Hope and Healing International.

Their lives counted – they made a difference and their Legacy of Love is impacting generations to come.

We are honouring the following people, especially for the footprint of love they have left for children and families who can now see, hear, play, go to school or work… and thrive because of what these men and women have done for them.

What is Hope and Healing International’s Policy on Recognition of Estate Gifts?

Each year, our Legacy Honour Roll recognizes the beautiful generosity of those who have left a Legacy of Love to Hope and Healing International in their Wills. We do this only after death and once the estate gift has been received. Please note that this isn’t a complete list as some donors have requested to remain anonymous.

They Deserve Honour

We honour and celebrate the 71 women and men who gave a gift through their Wills in 2020/2021. These generous people put $1.4 million of world-changing love into action. Their love will continue to be felt by children and families today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Together, they gave enough to…

  • Give 5,983 people the gift of sight through surgery and prevention methods.
  • Give 1,296 children with disabilities the vital and healing care they need.
  • Give 1,867 families a boost out of poverty through livelihood training.
  • Give 11,667 families the gift of clean, disability-preventing water.
We’re inspired and humbled by the following people and their love-in-action:

Alberta Grainger, Ottawa, ON
Alwine Nuthall, Surrey, BC
Ann Dalzell, Fredericton, NB
Arlene Khan, Woodstock, ON
Arnold Burgis, Toronto, ON
Barbara Andersen, Kingston, ON
Barbara Duiker, Barrie, ON
Barteld Merema, Glen Williams, ON
Bob Marwick, Scarborough, ON
Carl C. Currie, Whitby, ON
Clara Kastelein, New Westminster, BC
Diana Menezes, Brantford, ON
Dirk Vandervorst, Calgary, AB
Donald B. Lywood, Calgary, AB
Doris Greenhow, Windsor, ON
Doris Shaw, Stoney Creek, ON
Dorothea MacLeod, Ripley, ON
Dorothy Rogers, Newcastle, ON
Elden Plett, Winnipeg, MB
Elizabeth Friesen Endowment Fund, Winnipeg, MB
Elizabeth Smeall, North Lancaster, ON
Esther Smith, Pickering, ON
Eunice Baldwin, Coaticook, QC
Gertrude Bain, Kingston, ON
Grace Czegledi, Toronto, ON
Harold Allen, Etobicoke, ON
Helen Kerr, Oakville, ON
Henry Mimee, Burlington, ON
Ingeborg Tope, Lethbridge, AB
Jack Greenshields, Stouffville, ON
Jake Petker, Coaldale, AB
James Sheehy, Ridgetown, ON
James Simms, Richmond Hill, ON
Jenny Hensen, Brampton, ON
John A. Brennan, Winnipeg, MB

John McConaghy, Toronto, ON
Joyce Bosman, Nepean, ON
Lambertha Dooge, Calgary, AB
Lois A. Cooper, Edmonton, AB
Lois Patterson, Wainwright, AB
Lois Reimer, Winnipeg, MB
Lois Sproule, Kanata, ON
Lucella Ross, Lloydminster, AB
Luella Martin, Russell, ON
M. Jean Tickner, White Lake, ON
Marilyn Berry, Victoria, BC
Marjorie Middleton, Medicine Hat, AB
Marjorie Pike, Lower Sackville, NS
Mary K. Lawlor, Halifax, NS
Mary K. Pletz, Regina, SK
Mary Roelfsema-Merema, North York, ON
Mavis Skelton, Waterloo, ON
Nancy Naish, Orleans, ON
NLCC Trust Fund, Vancouver, BC
Olive Ede, Thunder Bay, ON
Paul Russell, St. John’s, NL
Peggy Bronizewski, Meaford, ON
Raymond Germaine, Humboldt, SK
Robert I. and Margaret J. Clague Memorial Fund, Winnipeg, MB
Rosalie Fraser, Port Moody, BC
Ross Phillips, Fergus, ON
Ruth Bolt, Bradford, ON
Ruth Herbert, Stouffville, ON
Sara Jean Stevenson, Burnt River, ON
The Stanley Graham Field Alter Ego Trust, Sidney, BC
Tulma Kath, Calgary, AB
Verna MacDonald, Ottawa, ON
Verna Jean Ryder, Halifax, NS
Walter Veenstra, Brampton, ON
William Vandertuin, Brantford, ON
Winifred Couchman, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please call 1.800.567.2264 or fill out our Request for Information form.
Suggested legal wording for leaving a gift to Hope and Healing International in your will:

I give and bequeath to Hope and Healing International, 1600 16th Avenue, Unit 1 Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 4N6, ______% of the residue of my estate (or the sum of $ ______) for its general purposes. I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of Hope and Healing International shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor(s) for the payment of the said bequest.