Join Us in Bringing Hope

Imagine being told all your life that you don’t matter. Imagine people in your community refusing to look at you or talk to you. Imagine watching other kids run past you to school and being unable to follow them. Imagine what it would be like to live in the poorest communities of the world with a disability.

Many kids around the world don’t have to imagine. This is their reality. But this doesn’t have to stay their reality.

Hope and Healing International is a Christian non-profit organization that connects Canadians with children and families who have disabilities and live in poverty. Helping children with disabilities is a passion of ours. Something miraculous happens when a child receives the gift of sight through surgery, the gift of education through rehabilitation, the gift of friends through stigma reduction. Medical care is so important for these kids but equally important is supporting the families of children with disabilities.

We believe that no child should be forgotten, and we value all people as Jesus values them. We see through disability to ability and want to help each child achieve their God-given potential. When it comes to poverty and disability, we know that complex issues have complex solutions.

What sets us apart from other children’s charities? We are committed to playing our role in providing solutions to poverty through medical care, clean water and livelihood training all while working closely with local organizations and communities. Changing a child’s life takes many people and involves not only helping a child but rallying around an entire family, an entire community.

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