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Joanne’s Story… as told by her mom, Upendo

“I believe Joanne’s condition could be because of the medical service, the health services, at the hospital where I was giving birth to Joanne. It was not quite good. I was in labour pains for about two days, and they continued to insist that I give birth through normal delivery. I’m thinking if I had got a caesarean, I would have given birth to a baby who was healthy.”

“I brought Joanne to House of Hope when she was 2 years old. At that time, she was still not able to control her head, was not able to control the pelvic, was not able to crawl. She was doing nothing; she would just lay all day.”

“When I first came to House of Hope, I was real happy and appreciating with the service they were providing there. At the time when we first came, I did not even think my child could do anything or could improve anything. But we were attending the rehabilitation service there and I have seen a progress in Joanne. On top of that, I was getting a lot of encouraging from the staff, and I was being advised to do many things, even letting Joanne to mingle with other children and to enroll her to school. It was good advice.” – Upendo

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25 Years of Hope with House of Hope

After 25 years of incredible impact at House of Hope, we caught up with Jenipher, a young woman who has received services there since she was 4 years old. Then, she could only crawl. Now, 25 years later, Jenipher is the elected ward counsellor for her community. She’s making a positive difference for her neighbours and is setting a wonderful example for kids like Joanne.

House of Hope Needs YOU!

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You built the House of Hope 25 years ago with Hope and Healing International. It’s a special place, full of love, hope and healing. Lives are being changed there.

But House of Hope needs our help – yours and mine. Their roof is leaking. They need a new playground, a safe place where kids can be kids. A new gait training course where kids can stretch their muscles and practice using their assistive devices. They need an upgraded workshop, where they can build and restore CP chairs, standing boards and wheelchairs.

Your gift will keep House of Hope open and functioning, so Joanne can continue to strengthen her muscles. And so the next generation of kids can begin the slow journey to abundant life – and dancing.

The Needs Today

Therapeutic Playground and Gait Training Area $47,169

To give kids a safe place to discover fun, build friendships and gain confidence as they practice using their wheelchairs and walkers.

Roof, fixing infrastructure (ramps, crumbling concrete) $125,670

To provide all the renovations House of Hope needs to the clinical rehab area, hostel, and kitchen.

Updated assistive device workshop $17,256

To fund a new roof for the orthopaedic workshop, allowing staff to build sitting chairs, standing frames, walkers and to fix and fit wheelchairs.

Data management system $69,907

To create and track the unique treatment and rehabilitation plans of thousands of kids to every year.