Take this quiz to check your New Year’s Resolution IQ!

1. A percentage of us are skeptical about New Year’s resolutions, but what percentage actually make them?

2. Keeping New Year’s resolutions are often a bust. What percentage of people actually keep their resolutions?

3. The secret to keeping your resolution is:

4. You can up the ante on keeping your resolutions by 10x’s by:

5. The confetti that drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is actually:

6. More than 4000 years ago the Babylonians celebrated the New Year. Most people then resolved to:

7. The Greek god of the New Year is:

8. While North Americans generally have health-related resolutions, Australians resolve to:

9. For prosperity, your New Year’s Buffet should feature:

10. If the nativity scene is the symbol of Christmas, what is the symbol of New Year's?

Prayer changes lives…
“I wish I could walk.”
… even the simple prayer of young Hamisi, born with brittle bone disease.

Resolutions are made and broken every year, but the New Year is often a time to set new goals, accomplish new things.

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